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Barcoding is an amazing introduction to the world with its unique contribution to the retail industry. With just a few lines, barcodes convey so much information related to a specific product. This fine array of lines is printed on very tiny direct thermal labels that are most commonly used for barcode printing. Manufacturers use the barcodes on the thermal labels to code information about a product while retailers use them to automate inventory management and to scan merchandise easily for pricing. Recently, produce suppliers have started using the direct thermal labels with barcode printed on them on fresh foods.

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While there are so many label choices available on the market, direct thermal labels are the ones which are mostly preferred for industrial purposes as barcodes can be printed on them via either direct thermal printing or thermal transfer. This method is comparatively less expensive and has proved to be an effective solution for many applications. Direct thermal labels find many useful purposes whether it be labeling an avocado or a pallet. They are ideal for short-term use or even up to months and years or for items that are kept indoors or for visitor passes. However, these labels are not resistant to high amount of UV radiation, abrasion, or moisture and therefore can easily get faded or turn completely black if not printed with the right thermal dye. You can use dyes or protective coating on the direct thermal labels while printing that would reduce harmful effects caused by some exposures. For example, the Polypropylene labels are coated with a synthetic substrate that creates a waterproof label and can be used for application on items that require refrigeration. Also, the direct thermal labels are an ideal choice for application on items that have a shorter shelf life (for example – bakery products & meat).

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