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Sprains are awfully painful. The sudden twists and misplacement of your limbs (hands or legs) or stumbling upon uneven surfaces may cause you to have a sprain in your muscles, especially in the joints. It gives an irresistible pain and can lead to bumped swellings if not treated properly on time. One of the most-effective traditional knacks that have proven to be the quickest, easiest and safest methods to prevent further serious injury is known as “RICE” (rest, ice, compression & elevation). It is as simple as applying ice cubes for 10-20 minutes and compressing the area with an elastic bandage wrap followed by elevating the limb for a considerable time.   02

However, “RICE” may not help if you are not doing it right. Out of the four steps, ‘compression’ requires specific attention and care while being done.

How do Ace Bandages reduce pain?
Ace bandages help by compressing the sprained area in order to limit the blood flow, which in turn reduces swelling and promotes healing. By creating a localized pressure on the affected area, it reminds you to be careful with your movements.

You are doing it WRONG if…

The wrapped area feels numb after a little while
You experience a tingling sensation
The color changes abnormally than that of other areas
The ace bandage hangs loosely off your skin

How to do it correctly?

Place the elastic bandage wrap on the top of the injured area and loop it once until you secure the loose starting end beneath. Proceed with looping it around the area until you reach the other loose end of the ace bandage. Ensure that while wrapping the bandage, there is some tension in the elastic fibers to apply slight pressure. Otherwise, the bandage wrap would hang loosely off your skin, resulting in a swelled injury. When you run out of bandage, secure the loose end with two metal clips that are available within the package. The small metal teeth attached to the metal clips easily hooks to the loose end of the ace bandage and the wrapped loop.

To wrap a sprained joint, you can roll the wraps crossing over one another starting from an upper part to the lower part. This offers rigidity to the movement of the joint while curing it better.

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