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Whether your circumstances consist of sealing cartons for parcels, electronics, gifts, painting projects, miscellaneous scenarios or art assignments you’ll generally need a specific version of tape that offers high performance, efficiency and of course, budget advantages.

Filament tapes are rubber based tapes which have high tensile strength and is pressure sensitive. Due to these characteristics of the tape, it is very handy to bind/bundle items like tubes, wood, pipes or any other irregular items as well. An industry leader in industrial tape distribution, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com makes readily accessible a complete catalog of different versions of industrial tape to fit your demands.

Economy Grade Filament Tape available at Packagingsuppliesbymail Economy Grade Filament Tape

For home use Filament Tape is excellent for bundling firewood and loose treeing lumber. Nevertheless it also can be used for so many other helpful reasons, as much as the consumer determine. Available in ¾, 1, 1 ½, 2 inches and in all sizes 60yd length Filament Tape is built to execute the task you aim to accomplish. Filament Tape will seal corrugated boxes, reinforce packages, unitize pallets, and generally strap items together. You’ll find it very useful for bundling tubes, pipes, and irregular shaped objects. Upon opening your new appliances you’ll usually witness Filament Tape at work holding refrigerator and freezer doors closed, oven doors, broiler doors, and burner brackets intact, plus it keeps washer and dryer doors secured and it’s able to stabilize the foam coverings for electronic items too.

It is essential to use the appropriate tape to match the multiplicity of diverse applications that exist so that your packages are sealed properly, with pride and professionally. With the rise in product purchasing being generated within the online vending websites, a variety of tapes have been easily made available for your obligations to be met. Not only do we provide premium quality, but we specialize in low pricing, bulk volumes and frequent discount specials. Normally corrugated boxes are used to package products. These are sealed with filament tape to ensure the sealing is secure. Whether you are sealing boxes or reinforcing packages, filament tape is found to be more efficient as a sealant.

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