Using cheap shipping materials can be extremely detrimental to process, profits, and prospects. It’s one thing to, apply your all in producing a premium product that will greatly benefit the lives of others; it’s another thing to; ship it to your customers in the most half-hearted, mediocre, careless way. In business operations, across the board, the common mantra is: “there’s always room for improvement.” So, the questions at hand are: do you know how to improve your shipping success or do you know what can improve your delivery tasks?

                Blown Stretch Film is one of those easy to obtain, easy to use and easy to secure shipment products. There are many distinct features about this particular stretch film that sets it apart from all others. Generally compared to cast stretch film, Blown Stretch Film offers some specific characteristics that complement certain need for shippers. Below is how Blown Stretch Film beneficial:

  • Superior load holding stability: for secure palletizing, this is the strongest film in the industry and it offers a memory characteristic which locks against packages tightly.
  • One-side cling: this innovative feature keeps pallet loads from sticking together and causing havoc and potential damage. This unique quality is designed in a way that has one side of the film adherent, and the other side non- adherent. This gives the customer versatility.
  • Low visibility: this quality is advantageous because products are concealed from any potential tampering. It also protects the unique identity of the product so that competitors will not duplicate.
  • Tear resistant: during application workers can remain efficient because this film will not rip when wrapped around edges.
  • Protective: this film protects products from dirt, dust, moisture and harsh weather conditions
  • Sizes: Blown Stretch Film is available in multiple sizes and application version such as bundling

Blown Stretch Film is the way to go for upgrading you packaging and shipping needs. There are a host of online vendors that distributes this product to meet your demands. Be sure to compare and contrast in order that you receive the lowest priced, fastest delivered and most beneficial Blown Stretch Wrap!

Source : https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/blog/