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                It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the season of the holly jolly, and more than anything, the moment when you need a durable shipping mechanism.

Why Poly Mailers?

                Maybe the question should be why not Poly Mailers? The reason being, the winter season brings forth constant bad weather that takes its toll on gifts, promotional materials and important documents that aren’t safely secured. There are other lightweight inexpensive shipping devices, yet they’re not as equipped to maintain quality performance during rugged weather conditions like rain, sleet and snow that are ever more prevalent during winter months.

Again, why Poly Mailers?

                Your jaw would drop if you got a short glimpse at how 3rd party shipping companies handle your packages during transit. Poly Mailers are constructed to defend against the pulling, snatching and pinching mishandlings that are common nature in the shipping industry. You need a shipping/mailing device that cares, (because many of the workers handling your goods don’t) what I mean by that is this: Poly Mailers are equipped with an easy to use seal strip that protects goods from being tampered with during shipments. During this busy shopping season, theft is common at a high rate and most crooks look for an easy way to steal goods, however when they encounter the tight sealed Poly Mailer, they’ll realize that it’s not worth the time or effort and so they’ll move on.

Lastly, why Poly Mailers?

                Affordable, plentiful and versatile are words that best describe the effects you’ll experience from this shipping tool. Corrugated boxes work well, but yet if your shipping across country, be prepared to receive high shipping charges (and who wants the added $$$ to send a gift). If you choose mailing tubes, they may work effectively but it will cost you an arm and a leg to use them to fulfill multiple shipments (as if you’re not already exchanging enough body parts to please your loved ones). Finally, versatility is key because Poly Mailers are a flexible and can be used for multiple purposes unlike stay flat envelopes which obviously can’t package round or irregular shaped items.

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