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Packing Tape is one of the most common devices that’s known for unitizing packages. Using packing tape keeps goods organized and apt for transport and efficient for moving multiple packages all at once. Assembling goods into one consignment is always a benefit as it’s become a standardized method for foreign and domestic shipments, plus it saves$$$$ too.

Below are 3 main functions of packing tape that will benefit your consignments:

Unites It:

Packing Tape is ideal for bundling small irregular shaped packages. To save on shipping costs, this tape will benefit shippers if they combine their separate packages into one unit. Basically, it’s more expensive to ship multiple packages, even if their combined weight is lesser than a single unit that’s heavier in total weight.

As the parcel is consolidated into a single package, it’s also easier to protect it from common shipping hazards like dust, dirt, moisture and other climatic weather conditions. Covers It:

Appropriate shipping methods will produce favorable results in regards to business relations. Customers will be impressed with your customer service standards and such success will establish trust, making it difficult for competitors to challenge your effectiveness..

Seals It:

Packing Tape seals the consignment with uniformity, leaving no uneven edges which may cause tampering during the transit. The reason being, the entire portion of the consignment is wrapped so that no room for moisture or dents is possible. Even if the item is stocked in the warehouse for longtime, it will maintain long term protection.

Using appropriate quality packing tape will determine the fate of the consignment. Using high quality packaging supplies from reliable online stores will prove useful in the long run since the quality or product being contained won’t be degraded regardless of the various shipping challenges it may face. These packing tapes are available in different colors and sizes that are suitable to your product specifications.

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