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In view of making life more convenient, many varieties of packaging products are continuously being launched in the market. For instance, stretch wrap, Coreless stretch wrap, shipping mailing envelopes, packing tape and 2mil & 4mil Ziplock bags to name few. But, the question remains, how many of them are actually useful and performance oriented?

The global customer packaging market is approximately valued at 400 billion US$ with an estimated 500 billion US$ if we’re it include the entire industrial market in general. The sector comprises of 5 key types of packaging which includes corrugated boxes and paper bags as well. It is the largest category of packaging rounding out at a ~34% total packaging market share.

However, on consideration amongst it all is that paper bags, mailing envelopes and boxes cannot deliver to the best of their ability until wrapped with Coreless stretch wrap. For Example: When goods are being transported from a regional warehouse to a retail outlet, then then palletizing these goods with stretch wrap will negate the chances of damage occurrences during transit.

Why only Coreless pallet stretch wrap

Stretch Wrap is a plastic film which can be used for protecting all goods, be it wooden, glass or other delicate items. A highly stretchable film, it’s viable for wrapping items and it’s sufficient for resisting a whole slew of issues incorporated with various transit conditions. How is it possible? Well, because of the elastic recovery which tightly binds items together and the poly material which is strongly defensive against dust, moisture and climatic weather, this product is ideal being that it’s cost efficient and versatile.


It’s often used to unitize pallet loads but it’s common for bundling small items too.

Some types of stretch film include hand stretch film, anti-static, machine wrap and the extended core stretch film.

Eco-friendly plus it delivers immediate benefits through efficiency, performance and stability for shipment success

Reliable pre-stretch technology eliminates labor costs and core costs

High visibility attributes guarantees performance, making product codes easy to view from a distance during stock assignments


A common stretch wrap material used in making Coreless hand stretch wrap is LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene). It gives rise to stretch film characteristics in regards to elongation due to puncture resistance and break qualities. Most films offer a 500% stretch feature up to the breakage point while standard versions only supply on average 300% maximum when in use. After it is stretched, the elastic recovery ability will keep the load tightly secured.

Some other properties include clarity, cling, break strength, static discharge, tear resistance, etc.


  • In uniting the pallet, stretch wrap has various functions:
  • Improved stability of packages & products, forming the unit load
  • Efficient storage after handling of goods per unit load
  • Protects from frigid conditions
  • Degree of resistance & tampering to the package pilferage

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