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PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com offers a Labor Day Sale on all website purchases. As way to show our appreciation, this sale is to honor all the hard work and efforts put forth by employees throughout the year. With the summer month’s being one the busiest times for product shipments, traveling and transitioning, this sale is quite timely for individuals and vendors who need to restock on various supplies like ziplock bags, shipping mailing envelopes, stretch wrap, industrial gloves, tape and a complete range of medical supplies

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day marks the end of the summer season where outdoor excursions and activities begin winding down. This National Holiday gives people a chance to enjoy leisure time, family, food and fun, allowing them to relax from the hustle and bustle of daily work environment pressure. In the year 1882 this idea of providing a holiday for workers began to float and by 1894 it was instituted by the United States Government as a recognized holiday. With the intentions being to appreciate laborers and trade organizations, political candidates also saw this as an opportunity to engage citizens and sponsor festivals to entertain their districts. The reason for choosing the first Monday of September was to add a holiday in-between Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

Big Saving Fest

Being that this is the high point of the season for transitional moving and product deliveries, If you were thinking of buy packing materials, you’ll experience grand savings regarding a wide range of industrial packaging and medical supplies. Items such as ziplock bags, shipping envelopes, industrial gloves, tape, medical supplies and stretch wrap can come in handy with same day shipping. This sale offers a golden chance for customers to stock plenty of products for domestic and commercial use. This advantage will offer more consumer buying power and enable vendors to retrieve more profit gains.

You can shop for almost all products from 2mil plastic bags to Glamour Bubble mailers and enjoy some discounts on each and every purchase. Using substandard packaging products can heavily cost a company, leaving them at risk for having their products damaged or tampered with during transit.

Genuine SALE

PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com guarantees that every product on sale will not be degraded by using low cost material which does not serve the purpose for longtime.

There are no additional terms and conditions rolled out when you come with a desire to purchase products that often lead to disappointment, announced by vendors.

This is not a sheer marketing trick to pull regular customers to the website by calling a Sale, rather it’s established to provide greater discounts on all overstock products.

You can use Coupon Code: LaborDay2014 for 15% off for discounts pertaining to a single unit or bulk quantity

Hurry fast while there is plenty of stock because supplies are going quickly.

Make a difference to your world by choosing guaranteed packaging supplies at an unbeatable market price.

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