Plastic Packaging Supplies are made from premium polyethylene material with solid bubble cushioning which makes it secure and dependable in providing great protection for shipments during transit. These are available in many sizes for fragile and non-fragile goods.

Properties of Polyethylene

Approved by FDA for food handling/processing

Resists corrosion, abrasion, odors and stains

Low co efficiency to friction

High impact durability and strength up to 180°F

Good tensile stiffness and strength

Easy to disinfect and clean

Easily pressed or extruded

Vacuum formable

The plastic shipping packing supplies have a rigid nature due to HDPE which allows the manufacturers to use it in two forms, for chemical containers or food storage.

Such industrial packaging supplies can be recycled many times as the HDPE can even be used for pipe fittings, trays, cutting boards and tanks. It’s also even used for composite wood and plastic composites, having recycled polymers which lead the way for manufacturing again.

Specifics about plastic packaging supplies

Polyethylene packaging is FDA approved for storage of food. In the United States, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates food safety including all forms of plastics.  Plastics like polyethylene and polystyrene are used in food packaging because of the consistent long term integrity for passing the stringent procedures of the FDA. Once the agency finds them safe and suitable to use for diverse packaging applications, they’re immediately ready to be used in the market.

Modern food plastic packaging supplies —like the heat-sealed wraps and pouches—keep foods fresh, protecting it from contamination. According to packaging experts, every plastic packaging pound can reduce the food waste up to 1.7 pounds.

Different plastics can be extruded, molded, and casted into limitless films, foams and shapes. This feature of resourcefulness delivers more use with minimal resources, consumes less material, and creates less waste with few CO2 emissions compared to alternative materials. Therefore, plastics contribute to efficient packaging which conserves resources.

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