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Using stretch wrap hand dispensers to wrap your merchandise may ease the muscle pain for laborers who rapidly manually package boxes as part of their daily work requirements. However, to counteract such injuries and enhance your man hours, investing in a pallet wrapping machine can prove to be more effective for numerous profitable reasons.

Below is a list of the top 10 reasons for buying a stretch wrap dispenser as opposed to continuing the traditional manual wrapping methods.

  1. Better Package

One advantage of Pre-stretched wrap is its memory ability because it consistently returns to its original form after each usage. Extreme load holding power, this wrap is able to grip loads tightly. Generally sold as a hand wrap application, this film is comparable in performance to that of a pallet wrapping machine. With an exclusive folded edge technology, breakage during usage is obsolete plus this wrap is quite lightweight too. Due to these characteristics, laborers only need to apply small amounts to each shipment, saving them time, muscle strains and scrap accumulation.

  1. 2. Film Savings

Brands like cast stretch film; extended core stretch wrap, colored stretch wrap and economy stretch wrap are very durable and present an exceptional elongation capacity for any load. In addition, when using dispensers, these factors will reduce the usage of the film as nearly as 70% in comparison to manually hand wrapping packages. Also, pre-stretch wrap is even more of a plus when coupled with a dispenser. In today’s markets, stretch wrap is available in many options of gauge thickness, like 40-45 gauges for an example. Using pallet wrap dispensers simplifies wrapping techniques because they save the amount of the film being used per application.

  1. Safety

Using stretch wrap dispensers can help employees prevent themselves from hand injuries, muscle strains and fatigue.


  1. Freight Due Reduction

The integrity of the load is always better when using the hand held stretch wrap dispensers because less damage related incidents occur during transit.

  1. Reduction in Freight Costs

Stretch wrap allows for maximum levels of packaging by utilizing higher vertical dimensions during truck loads. Not only that, stretch wrap is a featherweight option that will not add extra weight to loads. Lastly, stretch wrap is ideal for bundling packages, allowing you to ship two products for the price of one shipping fee.

  1. Cost cut down on Labor

Guess what? Stretch wrap dispensers add efficiency to packaging assemblies which allows for less concentration of workers per task. Also, the extended core and pallet wrap applications allow for multiple workers to be able to package products simultaneously.

  1. Accomplishes heavy duty shipping tasks

Convenient, proficient, protective and affordable describes stretch wrap dispensers to a tee. It allows packages to be bundled professionally for securing hefty pallet loads which will absorb the normal handling conditions that are common amongst 3rd party shipping and LTL companies.

  1. Increased Production

Stretch wrap dispensers come in 3 varieties such as the standard, economical and heavy duty options. They will eliminate major risks and increase the production nearly by 200 times in every shift.

  1. Improved Flow of Product

Universal hand dispensers allows for an entire upgrading for many companies shipment processing. By using this product, companies are able to guarantee swift shipment integrity, sustain great customer service and provided substantial satisfaction to their buyers by delivering damage free products in a timely manner.

  1. Reduction in Product Damage

2”, 3”, 4” & 5” dimensions of stretch wrap can be installed on stretch wrap dispensers for reinforcing packages and reducing the potential level of product damage during transit. These mechanisms help in successfully packaging fragile and certain “handle with care” parcels for guaranteed safe delivery of goods.

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