So tell me, who really enjoys having a sore lower back? Aren’t hand blisters quite annoying, especially when like 90% of your job duties require the complete usage of your hands? Are you one that is accustomed to daily irritable headaches because of assembly line jam ups; knowing that it limits your production efficiency and in turn reduces your financial and work promotion goals? Being one who once worked in the packaging assembly process, I’ve faced these types of issues regularly and so I understand how frustrating these situations can wear on your body, progress and pay rate.

                If your job consists of bundling items, wrapping pallets, securing belongings or unitizing stock products, well that’s an indicator to me that your job equipment is most likely centered on the usage of some sort of stretch wrap as an ideal resource to accomplish your daily tasks.

                Stretch Wrap has so many advantages over metal or plastic strapping, twine, tape, tie devices, bungee cords and wire. In a nutshell, Stretch Wrap enhances protection, is economical and readily accessible through online stores. With that being said, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are a premier leader in Stretch Wrap and one of our marquee brands is Coreless Stretch Wrap.

                Coreless Stretch Wrap is a new innovative state of the art packaging device that is non-labor intensive, highly effective and environmentally sustaining. Due to such attributes, Coreless Stretch Wrap is able to eliminate your core disposal duties which will overall, save your business $$$. Therefore, labor related expenditures and waste management obligations are immediately cut. Thus, you’ll be able to tally up higher profit percentages each fiscal quarter.

                With its high level load holding stability feature, this stretch wrap offers similar qualities as a pallet wrapper machine. To your advantage, our Coreless Stretch Wrap is available in a hand wrap application allowing you faster time efficiency for your packaging assembly demands as multiple workers can handle tasks simultaneously instead of wrapping one thing at a time.

                On a side note, we also stock Colored Pre-Stretch Wrap which is a cored economy stretch wrap as well. This allows product concealing and stock coding organization for your products. Not to mention, our Stretch Wrap Dispensers are complimentary with each order or sold separately for your enhanced purposes.

                There is a wide host of things you can do with Stretch Wrap and our goal is to assist you in them. Be sure to view our entire catalog of this product, both for small individual or business based needs. You’ll certainly be satisfied!

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