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Her: “What do I without it, Honey I can’t find it, has anyone seen it, I need it, where is it?

Him: “We should have it; it’s normally where I put it.”

Kid: “It will help me complete my art project; I always have fun using it.”

Worker: “Make sure to order a double amount of it, we’ll surely need it.”

Businessman: “I surely need it, I can’t afford to lose inventory stock, and it will reduce product damage.”

Grandparent: “I certainly enjoy using it; without it my surprise to my grandchildren would not be the same.”

It:“I’m flattered by such thoughtful comments and for anyone that is reading along with me, I’d like to explain further detail about myself if you don’t mind?”

                I’m vital for shipping procedures, packaging, gift wrapping, repair, safety, storage techniques and so forth. You can locate me in almost any and every warehouse around the globe. I’m frequently spotted hanging out in most office complexes. I can be seen working in many storage facilities. I’m more than occasionally sitting in a student’s desk at practically every school throughout the world. You will always catch site of me at one of my favorite places which is in the back of tractor trailers and delivery trucks. I’m infamous for bringing things together, securing any opening and adding closure to many things. I’m an important resource, necessity; I’m a requirement period point blank! Everyone needs me because of the “It” factor I present. I, Packing Tape am proud to be a helpful agent to you, and today I thought it would be necessary to display certain facts about my multiple features and applicable attributes.

Below is a chart that will separate my value within Acrylic Packing Tape and Hotmelt Packing Tape:


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