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I get the job done! I do it fast, I do it well and I do it at a low low cost. I’m versatile, commercially useful and residentially friendly. I’m applicable for small shipments, large shipments, fragile shipments and odd shaped shipments. I can be found online all the time. I’m secure, easy to use and very professional looking. ‘I am who I am and as a matter of fact, I am not like the rest’! I am Shipping Envelopes.

I make Shipping simple

I make shipping simple, I make shipping complete, I make shipping affordable, I make shipping neat. I don’t require expense increasing accessories like plastic tops, packing tape, tape dispensers, glue, gloves, back braces, glue sticks, wax paper, Styrofoam, bubble wrap and cutter blades. I am not in any way shape or form labor intensive, heavy to carry or space consuming. I enhance profit gains and packaging procedures by saving you less on shipment costs and creating more time for accomplishing other work related duties. When using me, all you’ll need to do is open me up, drop your product inside, remove the cover off the seal strip, close the flap, attach your postage stamp and send me away.

What I will do

I will add pizazz to your packages. I will draw attention to the contents inside; I will be useful as a promotional, advertising and marketing tool for your company’s brand, logo and name. I will not appear boring like many other shipping tools. I will stand out, stand off and stand above because I am not average, mediocre and I’m anything but plain. I’m available in a wide range of sizes and colors if you’re planning to utilize me through the Metallic Bubble Mailer version. If you want my standard option, I offer the Clearview Poly Mailer because of its transparency and ability to feature brochures, catalogs and promotional fliers in easy to see plain view.

What I won’t allow

I am 100% against allowing products to be damaged during transit. I’m designed to endure the shifting, stacking and tossing that typically occur during shipments. I’m anything but weak, fragile or incompetent when it comes to enclosing packages. As a matter of fact, my Poly Bubble Mailer version provides such a strong adhesive, that all recipients will pretty much have to pry your contents out of the mailer. I’m extremely durable and shock resistant. My Kraft Bubble Mailer version is equipped with interior bubble cushioning that absorbs any bouncing or movement during transit. Lastly, I’m water proof, dust proof, dirt proof and tamper proof because of my exterior polyethylene material that is common amongst my Poly Mailer version.

Look, don’t hesitate to use my skills for your needs. I specialize in expertise and I’m ready made for an abundance of tasks. My online presence is phenomenal, enabling users to surf and compare pricing. Granted, there are choice shipping tools that many have found useful for years upon years, yet Shipping Envelopes is consistently thriving as the new wave of expansion for online vendors and small businesses to reduce added expenses in regards to shipping their products to customers. With that being said, I strongly recommend you to go online and find a quality vendor, purchase a version of me and enhance your shipping techniques today!

Source: – http://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/blog