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The convenient Ziplock bags gained popularity in 1968 under the trademark name. These are commonly known as storage or the slider bags. You can even call them zippers. The bags became a major hit due to the reusable plastic and instant gripper used. The quality guaranteed carry zippers made a standalone mark for them.

The bags are made from high quality polypropylene and eco-friendly material which can be recycled periodically thus preserving the nature. The objects inside the zipper bags are mostly visible. The bags are made from raw materials that yield beneficial results. Ziplock bags are a true friend which can slip easily in the trouser pocket or stay in the handbag.

3 key characteristics of the zipper bags


Easy to use, stack, store stuff for range of products like jewelry items, children’s crayons, electronics, books, cards, candies, vegetables, manuals, nuts, bolts, office equipment, sports memorabilia, sanitary wears, criminal evidence, artistic tool and more . You can carry all kinds of lightweight and heavy duty products which can be used in factories, offices, homes and institutions. These are handy during conveyance. These bags are easy to reseal due to the polypropylene hence tamper proof and moisture resistant. Now you can keep all the stuff well organized thus, making it accessible to all in the surroundings.

FDA/USDA approved:

Ziplock Bags are premium quality products which are tested to withstand various applications and resistances like dust, dirt, moisture and external damages. The 2mil and 4 mil zippers are thick which makes them durable and sealed enough for complete protection. It restrains the moisture by enabling fresh and healthy food. The slider Ziplock bags serve as perfect snack bags during outdoor get-togethers. The bags can be used in microwaves, freezers, refrigerators, pantries. Further the bags can be used in steam and vacuum.

The long lasting material makes them tear resistant which imparts safety to all the products, be it valuables also. This is vital during the transit. The inbuilt adhesive strip seals package firmly which came as an alternative to the shrink wrapping.


Contributing towards the environment has been ideally met with the zippers. It keeps the stuff fresh by allowing use and re-use of the bags time and again. These are easy to wash and rinse which does not degrade quality of the plastic. Ziplock bags are made with less than 25% plastic. Considerate towards the nature and preserving the resources will help in productive outcome. Super-efficient smart seal ensures complete protection of products.

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