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Earlier sending shipping consignments was a risky procedure which is drastically improved with Ziplock bags and Poly mailers that are made from recyclable/eco-friendly material. These are versatile, multi-purpose packaging supplies, capable enough to carry all kinds of products from small, medium and large sizes. Mailers are quite light in weight which acts instrumental to meet never ending specific shipping needs. The bubble cushioning protects the valuables from constant tossing, stacking, and shifting of goods during the transit.

The FDA/USDA approved Kraft mailers; poly mailers are indispensable for transporting needs which are wisely designed to endure rough handling while transportation when delivering products, gifts, DVD’s, office supplies, medicines, cosmetics, magazines, catalogs, brochures.


Key characteristics of Wholesale Poly Mailers

Tamper proof

Water proof

Puncture resistant



Today the packaging supplies are made from highly tensile material such that no damage can be done at any stage of shipping through any means. Storing equipment and devices was easy but now storing fresh food is probable with Ziplock bags. These are available in small, medium and large sizes to carry documents, safety pins and all. “Transparency” is a key attribute in the bags which helps in easy identification. Frozen foods remain fresh for many days due to residue protection which leads to sealed freshness. It is useful to satisfy your appetite anytime, anywhere.

White block bags are frequently used if too many products are sent in one slider bag. The block on the bag allows mentioning contents, date, quantity and more to verify accurate delivery of merchandises before collecting the shipment. The Ziplock bags are super functional and user friendly which can be used by kids to grownups. The hang hole bags can be hung anywhere which can work as the symbol or instruction for other person. These bags are reusable and ideal to freeze for long time in which soups, sauces can be carried easily.

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