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Wrapping containers, boxes and fragile items can be frustrating with the regular tape that comes out easily, which often results in spending of the complete tape just for a single courier or box packing.

Clear packing tape is an adhesive product that proves to be a bankable solution from packagingsuppliesbymail. This ensures safe delivery of small and large shipments even on long routes. The tape comes in broad size of 2” to 3” to seal and close the corrugated boxes.

7 remarkable features of the clear packing tape include:

  • Protects against severe aging and weather conditions
  • Optimal clarity for object identification
  • Resilient
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Tested density
  • Superior sticking strength
  • Tight grip on the products

Clear packing tape is available in more than 18 sizes, thickness and lengths to meet the varying industrial and residential needs. It can be used manually or with the tape dispenser along the serrated edge for swift results.

The company understands the safety of every shipment thus making packaging a significant activity. All you need is the broad acrylic clear packing tape which is highly dependable to retain the product integrity. This helps in sealing the courier box or the plastic bag by holding the products together for ultimate safe keeping against natural calamity or any theft.

Competitive advantage in product variety:

Packing Tape

Masking Tape

Gummed Tape

Filament tape

Polybag tape

Duct tape

Flatback tape

Aisle marking tape

Colored carton tape

Aluminium Foil tape

Strapping tape

Luminescent Tape

Ez-tear tape

The Company offers all these kinds of clear packing tapes which help you in packing bulky items, sealing handbags/luggage, shipment boxes (hard box, plastic & other).

The clear packing tape is versatile and long lasting to meet the constant wear & tear during the transit.

Packagingsuppliesbymail offers vast array of the following packaging products to make your shipment secure:

  • Clear packing tape
  • Ziplock bags
  • Mailing/shipping envelopes
  • Close-out Special
  • Stretch Wraps
  • Healthcare packaging products

PackagingSuppliesByMail is a worldwide recognized leader of the Packing Tape at reasonable prices, starting from $20 to $69. The ultimate goal is preserve the product integrity at affordable pricing for swift product delivery.

For additional information on different styles of clear packing tape, you can visit the online packaging supplies store and save on different products.

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